How many people are working on Never Ending Realms?
At the moment I work on the game by myself in my spare time on a very tight budget. I hope to get a few more people involved this year.

On what platforms will Never Ending Realms run?
At the moment it’s being developed for the computer (Windows 10+). It is possible more platforms will be included in the future.

Can I run Never Ending Realms on my computer?
If you can run most current MMORPG’s, you will be able to run Never Ending Realms effortlessly.

How far are you with developing?
I’ve just started building the game based on the Game Design Document I’ve written last year after extensive research for a few years.

What programs do you use making the game?
I use Unity and SpatialOS.

Can I help?
If you’d like to help with the development of Never Ending Realms, I highly appreciate that! I’m currently looking for Concept Artists, 3D Artists, 2D Artists and programmers who would like to help on a volunteering basis to start with.

I have no artistic nor programming skills. Are there other ways I can help?
I’d love help with promoting the game. Of course I’ll be releasing more information in the future and it would be fantastic if you’d share that with your friends, on social media, with Twitch gamers, etc.
Additionally, if you happen to be able to spare it, a small donation is always very much appreciated! Donations will all be contributed to the game in one way or the other:

  • Art
  • Plugins to make the game even better
  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Further development costs, like server costs, testing costs, etc.
  • Maintenance of the website

The Game

You talk about planets, but how can this be if it’s a medieval game?
Never Ending Realms is a fantasy game set in a pseudo-medieval European background with Asian and Arabian influences. And where there’s fantasy, there’s magic. And in Never Ending Realms, magic is what makes interplanetary traveling possible.

So, multiple planets. Does this also mean there are different races we can play?
Yes. In total there will be eight different races which you can play. Four of them have been uniquely designed for Never Ending Realms. The other four are races which have similarities with races you already know from books, movies and other games.

Why do I start out as a slave? I am against slavery!
The Torkites have occupied eight planets in their quest for resources and land. In that quest it is normal for them to take all people prisoner and put them in the labor pools. The Torkites see their prisoners not as slaves, as one of the captains told me:

“Slaves? How dare you?! We don’t hold slaves! We have generously made these prisoners part of our workforce! They can work their way up through the chains and become more than just a part of the work force. THEY might call it freedom, but there is no real freedom. It’s simply a different view on who you answer to and how. I mean, we could have done …. different things with them. I won’t go into any details, but I’ve heard most of our prisoners much prefer this option than anything else.”

The Free people, however, agree with you about Slavery.
You don’t have to stay a slave, though. You will find different ways of liberating yourself from your slavery. Unlike in the real world, where people often can’t find a way out of Slavery, the Torkites have very specific rules about this.
To speak with the words of one of the Torkite Leaders:

“You simply have to fulfill your labor agreement and you’ll be free”.

So, work hard and find your place in the Spotlight!

There are other ways to become Free! Contact us when you’re interested in alternatives. We can help you!

– Underground Resistance