With the development of Never Ending Realms on the way, it’s time you get to know something about this new universe.  Never Ending Realms starts with eight planets to explore. Later on you, the player base, will discover more planets. Let’s start with one of the start planets: Gaea.

Today you’ll get the basic information of the planet. Later on more details about the planet will be revealed.

Planet class

Gaea is a Terra class planet. This means you’ll find all kind of environments, like forests, mountains and deserts. And of course Gaea has several bodies of water as you can see in this picture:

Neer Ending Realms - Gaea Oceans

Planet Size

Gaea has a radius of about 6,370 kilometers. This makes it one of the largest planets in Never Ending Realms. It is ideal for a very large population of several of the universe’s folk.


After a war of several hundred years, Gaea is now under the control of the occupying people, the Torkites. They keep a tight rein on everything that happens on the planet. The big question is whether or not the free people will keep accepting this fate. Which side will you choose?


Each race in Never Ending Realms has its own home planet. Even though many races have another planet as their own home planet, or origin planet if you will, all these races feel at home at Gaea:

  • Aquanincola
  • Elven
  • Arbomine
  • Dwarf
  • Cricko
  • Human
  • Suricena
  • Halfling

Life on Gaea

You will find different kind of architectures due to so many races living here. It makes for interesting, vibrant cities with lots of possibilities.

Thanks to Gaea’s Terra nature, you’ll find lots of different plants and animals outside the cities. Some are friendly, others not. Be careful when you study them!

To be continued

Of course this is not all the information about Gaea yet. During the development of Never Ending Realms you’ll find out more about Gaea. Stay tuned!